What is the difference between thermos and Thermos Nissan?

If your child gets bored taking the exact same old sandwiches to school daily, consider purchasing a kids' Thermos.  
 We have listed a range of features and factors for choosing kids' Thermoses, as well as some recommendations at the end.  Our favorite option is that the LunchBots Thermal Food Container, that may keep food hot for up to half a day.

There are two chief sorts of children' Thermoses available on the marketplace: flasks and food jars.  Flasks are best for packing either cold or hot beverages.  
Food jars are often more compact than flasks and also have wider mouths, making them easier to consume from.  It is possible to pack any sort of food at a jar-style Thermos, but they're usually most effective at retaining the warmth of"wet" foods that have some kind of liquid component, like a sauce or dressing.

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Children' Thermoses generally have smaller capacities than adult Thermoses, both to match smaller appetites and also to more readily fit into a lunchbox or tote.  Most can hold somewhere between 8 and 14 ounces of food or drink, although you may occasionally find slightly larger or smaller options.
Temperature retention
It's important to know the length of time your chosen Thermos keeps its contents either hot or cold.  Most producers list these specifications.  Thermoses can usually keep hot food or drink warm for between 8 and 4 hours and maintain cold food or beverage chilled for between 6 and 12 hours.

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